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Storyboard Development
StoryMakers Studio helps film fans, filmmakers, and film executives come together as a focused niche community that becomes a cultural and economic force to be reckoned with. SMS was a startup company and needed a solid identity to break ground.
Royale Agency developed an intensive brand strategy by developing a comprehensive website with media rich content. Four sections of the site were designed and developed by Royale Agency, consisting of, the main SMS presenation website, SMS Liveİ, SMS Film Loversİ, and the SMS Media Page.  The logo was also designed by Royale Agency, and was kept simple and consistent with the color theme of the website. Since SMS caters to entertainment professionals and followers, it was critical that the company had a platform that was relevant and informative with mainstream appeal.
First impression is very important, which is why after developing the website, we took the extra step to design a cover for the media kit. The design followed the theme of the website and gave the prospect a taste of what to expect.
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