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Website Development
Photography Art Direction
Content Development
High Definition Video Production
Advertising ROI
Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking
Customized Reporting
Google Integration
Organic Search Engine Optimization
Intranet and Extranet Design
SETA Systems provides high-quality end-to-end software solutions across industries through unique models and methodologies, to deliver time, cost, quality and full-service advantages best-of breed in nature.
Royale Agency produced a website that was user friendly and media rich with beautiful photography and four high definition videos. The purpose of the website was to produce an effective tool to increase sales productivity. The site is a channel to allow people to easily learn about the project and browse through the variety of available products.
The client requested a simple design for the cards with an emphasis of the logo. We printed the cards on a nice glossy finish which brought out the colors. The rounded edges was a nice touch as it matched well with the logo.
Royale Agency built the Intranet network within the organization  to make information accessible only to authorized employees of SETA Systems. The Extranet network was created as an extension of the intranet to give authorize outsiders controlled access to the company information.
Although it may seem like a good idea for us to talk about how good we are, we felt it would be much better to have our clients rant and rave about us.

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