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EATBELEVUE.com is the go-to guide for foodies throughout the Pacific Northwest who are ready to experience all the cityís culinary world has to offer. EB reviews the latest restaurants on the scene and help readers rediscover local favorites.
Royale Agency designed the logo to bring focus to the city of Bellevue since the locationís foods was the main theme for the site. The company is strictly a website so the web domain was integrated into the design. EATBELEVUE.com is now becoming synonymous with Downtown Bellevue eats.
EATBELEVUE.com was looking for a blog style website to showcase reviews. Royale Agency developed a user friendly website showcasing articles and reviews. The platform allows for user interaction with social media and commenting interfaces. The site plans for exciting growth, so hosting configurations were careful set to tolerate long term growth.
Every successful blog has strong partners which is why an effective presentation was necessary. Royale Agency crafted a media kit with comprehensive info outlining what EatBellevue was about along with how local businesses could get involved.
Royale Agency designed the business card to boldly highlight the logo/web domain since producing high traffic was the ultimate goal. The card was printed on a glossy finish for a wonderful texture. The idea was to make sure the business card stood out amongst others.
Video Presentation for the 7th Annual Bite of Crossroads 2010 EATBELLEVUE.com presentation.
Although it may seem like a good idea for us to talk about how good we are, we felt it would be much better to have our clients rant and rave about us.
Please Note: The showcase item shown here has been archived for Royale Agency's promotional use. Royale Agency and its client make no warranty as to the functional state of the archive. The website is for demonstration only, any products, promotions and information presented on the site may no longer be offered by the client.
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